United Nations – Climate Action SDG Jury

In Q2 2018, Pedro Santa was nominated and selected as a jury panelist for Climate Action SDG in a United Nations event held in Singapore. Titled – “Innovation Lab 2018 UNLEASH” – the event served as a Global Innovation Program for all United Nations SDGs. It hosted talents from across the world to collaborate on solutions incorporating UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals). As part of the Jury Panel for Climate Action SDG, Pedro Santa focused on nature-based solutions, blue-green Infrastructure, climate policy, design-engineering-ecology, and interdisciplinary problem-solving.

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State of the Climate – Author-Collaborator

In 2011-2012, Pedro Santa served as a collaborating author in “Puerto Rico’s State of the Climate 2010-2013 – Assessing Puerto Rico’s Social-Ecological Vulnerabilities in a Changing Climate”. He supported the PRCCC by providing content on water resources and climate change impacts to surface water, groundwater, and subsurface water resources, with accompanying island scale maps of PR. The text provided outlined the extent of PR’s island-wide water resources and how they would be impacted through sea-level rise, rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, the increase of heavy storms events, coastal erosion, and environmental degradation.

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Presenter at PUB Center for Water Excellence

In 2013, Pedro Santa presented the Seminar Course on Constructed Wetlands: Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Cleansing Biotopes, as part of the Singapore ABC Waters Programme. The Certification Program of Active, Beautiful, and Clean Waters Professionals, was instituted in Singapore to increase industry knowledge, competencies, the proliferation of ABC Waters Features, and water-sensitive urban design tools. The Elective Module EU2 had two courses presented by colleagues of Atelier Dreiseit Asia, where Pedro Santa presented the constructed wetlands/cleansing biotope portion of the course at the PUB WaterHub Academy Center for Water Excellence.

Prof. Tony Wong CRC Water Sensitive Cities

In February 2013, Pedro Santa met Professor Tony Wong at Singapore’s Waterhub Academy Center for Water Excellence. Professor Tony Wong is the chief executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. Tony is internationally recognized for his research and practice in sustainable urban water management, particularly Water Sensitive Urban Design. He has also been an important intellectual and technical contributor to the formation, establishment, and roll-out of the ABC Waters Programme in Singapore. Meeting Prof Tony Wong at the PUB Waterhub has been an excellent opportunity to connect and be in contact for future collaborations.

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Urban Hydrologics Thematic Lecture

In May 2012, Pedro Santa presented the first Urban Hydrologics thematic lecture at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. The presentation covered the principles, concepts, and technical strategies needed to develop Water Sensitive Urban Design Masterplans and climate-resilient urban regions, focusing on transdisciplinary designs, blue-green infrastructure configuration examples, and implementation alternatives for nature-based solutions in tropical cities. The Lecture was hosted by the INDA Design Program of Chulalongkorn University.

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In Conversation: Beatley, Newman, Dreiseitl

In February 2012, Pedro Santa shared a stimulating conversation with formative influences: Timothy Beatley, Peter Newman, and Herbert Dreiseitl. The meeting took place at the newly built Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, and it was a fascinating discussion and meeting of the minds. The conversation also covered how decentralized water-sensitive urban design maximizes co-benefits for society, economy, and ecology.

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Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference

This upcoming February 21–23, 2012 the Seventh International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Dealing with integrated urban water management concepts and water sensitive urban design measures, the conference will cover themes such as: Drainage and Flood Mitigation, Climate Responsive Design, Urban Water Economics, Social Capital, Urban Landscape Architecture, Urban Ecosystems, among others. The focal point of the conference: “Understanding the nexus between sustainable urban water management and the vitality, livability and prosperity of urban communities is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st Century.” Registration for WSUD 2012 is now open.

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Meeting Herbert Dreiseitl

On March 4th, 2011, Pedro Santa met Herbert Dreiseitl for the first time. We discussed a diversity of subjects related to water in cities, from large river scales and riversheds to small building-integrated LID features. The common denominators and compatibility were evident from this first meeting, and we established a foundation for continuing discussion of ideas to expand water-sensitive cities. Herbert Dreiseitl is the Founder, CEO, and Office Director of Atelier Dreiseitl, a company with diverse companies located in Germany, the USA, China, and Singapore. I was delighted to meet a formative professional and intellectual influence in the space of stormwater management, landscape, and water-sensitive urban design practice. I am looking forward to additional meetings and the possibility of professional work collaboration with Herbert Dreiseitl.