State of the Climate – Author-Collaborator

In 2011-2012, Pedro Santa served as a collaborating author in “Puerto Rico’s State of the Climate 2010-2013 – Assessing Puerto Rico’s Social-Ecological Vulnerabilities in a Changing Climate”. He supported the PRCCC by providing content on water resources and climate change impacts to surface water, groundwater, and subsurface water resources, with accompanying island scale maps of PR. The text provided outlined the extent of PR’s island-wide water resources and how they would be impacted through sea-level rise, rising temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, the increase of heavy storms events, coastal erosion, and environmental degradation.

The document served as the first Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment report and it was organized and orchestrated by the Climate Change Council of Puerto Rico. The goals and objectives of the document are to guide public policy formulation and implementation, resilient planning, and development of coastal areas, strengthen public education and awareness about the risks and alternatives to adapt to future climate scenarios.

The contents authored by Pedro Santa (embedded in pp. 269-279 above) were submitted in Dec 2011 to the Society and Economy Working Group, and the finalized report was assembled by the PRCCC Organizers.

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