Urban Hydrologics is a climate adaptation consultancy service that provides holistic strategies, climate tech concepts, and nature-based solutions for coastal and inland infrastructures. PJ Santa founded the group in 2009 during his studies at Harvard University.

Our Story

The Urban Hydrologics statement of purpose was written in 2008, and this web platform was formally founded on January 14th, 2009. In the years spanning from 2010 to 2021, PJ Santa acquired work experience on blue-green infrastructure for inland and coastal infrastructures at various scales and sites. While holding daytime employment positions, he continued working on Urban Hydrologics during his free time and weekends.

Urban Hydrologics distinguishes itself through its deep commitment to advanced project experiences and strategic insights acquired in Singapore. In 2011, PJ Santa relocated to Singapore with a vision: to immerse himself in a spectrum of blue-green infrastructure projects and climate adaptation strategies over a decade (2011-2021). This deliberate timeframe allowed PJ Santa to witness the evolution and maturation of large-scale infrastructural solutions, gauging their long-term effects and multifaceted benefits.

A decade in Singapore has endowed Urban Hydrologics with a distinctive repertoire of experiences and solution sets uniquely tailored for complex urban hydrology challenges in the tropics. Our expertise encompasses blue-green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, and cutting-edge urban-landscape-engineering strategies – all adaptable to tropical cities and watersheds worldwide. Why Singapore? It stands unrivaled as an island nation, pioneering comprehensive blue-green infrastructure projects, water-sensitive urban design, and stormwater management solutions. These initiatives not only enhance public and ecological spaces but also epitomize the ethos of a “City in Nature” with “Integrated Water Cycle Management”, embodying a visionary approach to climate adaptation.

From July 2021 onwards, the organization was publically launched as a climate adaptation business, offering two primary service delivery arms: 1. a consulting services arm to advise on nature-based solutions for inland and coastal infrastructures, and 2. a technology arm to deliver innovations for water-sensitive communities, watersheds, and urban regions. Today, Urban Hydrologics convenes experts of diverse backgrounds to address climate adaptation challenges in Tropical Islands.

To discover more about our services:  admin@urban-hydro-logics.com

Launch Post Statement from January 2009:

Urban Hydrologics is a group that studies the intersection of water management, urban resilience, technology, and climate change adaptation. It proposes that water becomes the driver of urban form to achieve high-performing sustainable networks for ecology, economy, and progress.

The group explores:
1. Community needs through scientific data
2. The integration of ecology-design-engineering
3. The use of innovative nature-based solutions
4. All aspects of water in cities, from coastal to inland

Roadmap Post from February 2011:

A Pantropical WSUD Stormwater Company

About the Founder:

PJ Santa – (Pedro Santa Rivera) — is an expert in Blue-Green Infrastructure, Stormwater Management, Water Sensitive Urban Design, and Climate Adaptation. His experience spans collaborations with a diverse range of companies and cities on projects of various scales and consulting scopes. This unique focus has been shaped by real-world, client-centric, and creative problem-solving experience, allowing him to develop strategic expertise in pivotal areas such as transdisciplinary climate adaptation, stormwater management, blue-green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, resilience planning, data-technology, and sustainable urban drainage systems.

This website serves as an online journal with a record of activities, thoughts, and curriculum vitae experiences of PJ Santa. It began as an online resource portal, showcasing articles, project examples, and references from diverse online sources. All posts include sources and authors and give credit to creators and web pages. Please write us if you wish to amend any content.

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