Blue-Green-Data Economy of the Future

Urban Hydrologics stipulates there will be a rise in virtual platforms to optimize water infrastructures. The White Paper authored by Urban Hydrologics depicts an increase in use case applications of virtual twin models to optimize the design and orchestration of nature-based solutions across urban settings, unleashing unprecedented digital services and applications. Urban Hydrologics has coined the phrase: “Blue-Green-Data Economy of the Future” to embody and describe the emerging spectrum of goods and services related to Blue-Green Virtual innovations on the horizon.

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Towards an Urban Hydrologic Digital Twin

Urban Hydrologics embarks into Digital Twin Technology. In December 2014, we have begun drafting a white paper outlining hydrologic climate adaptation software, which links the real world to the virtual world. Our objective is to build a data foundation that optimizes the design, planning, operation, management, and financing of blue-green infrastructure. We are calling this technology – “Urban Hydrologic Digital Twin” platform. Further details will not be shared at this time, as we look to protect our Intellectual Property (IP) until we can deliver such a solution to the market in the following decade, 2020-2030. Pedro Santa will continue to give shape to the technology during his free time, on nights and weekends, as an extra-curricular endeavor that is separate from day-job arrangements with employers, companies, and academic institutions.

Urban Hydrologics, 2015

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