Managing Urban Runoff Handbook

Developed for the Singapore Public Utility Board, the “Managing Urban Runoff” handbook serves as a holistic stormwater management solutions guide for developers, designers, planners, and engineers. During employment at Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl Singapore, Pedro Santa served as the project manager, lead author, and content coordinator – providing leadership in WSUD, ABC Waters, Stormwater Management, conducting inter-agency meetings, and delivering presentations to the client-agency PUB throughout the production of the document. Project Credits: PUB, Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl.

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Prof. Tony Wong CRC Water Sensitive Cities

In February 2013, Pedro Santa met Professor Tony Wong at Singapore’s Waterhub Academy Center for Water Excellence. Professor Tony Wong is the chief executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. Tony is internationally recognized for his research and practice in sustainable urban water management, particularly Water Sensitive Urban Design. He has also been an important intellectual and technical contributor to the formation, establishment, and roll-out of the ABC Waters Programme in Singapore. Meeting Prof Tony Wong at the PUB Waterhub has been an excellent opportunity to connect and be in contact for future collaborations.

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Design Language of Fluvial Geomorphology

Urban Hydrologics derives its inspirations and design language from the unique characteristics of fluvial geomorphology. The movement of water in nature creates inspiring forms. Scientific research within fluid mechanics helps us understand the mathematics of water, revealing the geometries and formal expressions which give us the inspiration to generate performative designs. Diverse reactions and interactions of water, from chemical, biological, and physical, all the way to molecular structures, are well understood by scientists. We propose to use these elegant forms to generate a unique language for urban systems, landscapes, networks, and products at diverse scales.