Blue-Green-Data Economy of the Future

Urban Hydrologics stipulates there will be a rise in virtual platforms to optimize water infrastructures. The White Paper authored by Urban Hydrologics depicts an increase in use case applications of virtual twin models to optimize the design and orchestration of nature-based solutions across urban settings, unleashing unprecedented digital services and applications. Urban Hydrologics has coined the phrase: “Blue-Green-Data Economy of the Future” to embody and describe the emerging spectrum of goods and services related to Blue-Green Virtual innovations on the horizon.

“The planning, design, and engineering of future cities require a novel approach to urban infrastructure that enables linkages between the real world and virtual models. These linkages will take shape as a sensor network that picks up data from physical stormwater systems and visualizes them in a virtual platform in real-time.” © Urban Hydrologics Virtual Twin, White Paper, 2015

Conventional drains are typically overlooked, and we argue these are sites where significant innovation & performance upgrades can occur — particularly in relation to habitat restoration, ecological connectivity, data collection, and diverse other performance co-benefits. As a leadership group in blue-green infrastructure, Urban Hydrologics’ goal is to create a new generation of sensors strategically embedded in drains, waterways, and WSUD tools, LID, and ABC Waters features to communicate status updates in real-time on water quality and water quantity. Having 3D virtual environments that represent in real time the inland, coastal, and water-weather related data will increase the efficiency and precision of climate adaptation investments in cities of the future.

Blue-Green-Data Economy © is a copyrighted phrase developed and coined by Urban Hydrologics in 2015. All sources we consult use the term “Blue-Green” widely, such as blue-green infrastructure, blue-green plans, and blue-green economy. What makes our term unique is the addition of the word “Data” to the phrase. Thus we are excited to make this term and its implications a central part of the business model of Urban Hydrologics, inclusive of the products, services, technologies, and signature design approach that characterizes our firm.

We are currently making progress to register this term/title as a trademark, patent & copyright of the group to secure our intellectual property. In view of this, we are currently planning to release a published manifesto about Blue-Green-Data Economy by the year 2025. In all our research for the last decade, we have not seen anyone use this term before us, and our aim with the manifesto is to cause a paradigm shift that uses the digital economy as a platform to speed up climate adaptation efforts across communities, cities, and urban regions.

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