A Pantropical WSUD Stormwater Company

Urban Hydrologics aims to become the world’s first Pantropical Blue-Green Infrastructure consultancy services firm registered both in SE Asia and the Caribbean Tropics. In his interdisciplinary research at Harvard University, Pedro learned that Singapore is a leading nation in water cycle management, stormwater, and blue-green solutions. For these reasons, Pedro is exploring opportunities to relocate to the City State to acquire advanced strategic and implementation knowledge on nature-based solutions for urban resilience. Participating in the emerging Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme (ABC Waters, launched in 2006) will provide vital knowledge on how to design, plan, and implement water-sensitive urban design features (WSUD) in the tropical climate context. These unique skills will be essential to foster climate-resilient cities, and Pedro looks to develop a pantropical business model for Urban Hydrologics — a technology and consultancy services firm that provides climate adaptation solutions to tropical cities worldwide.

Map of Urban Hydrologics Target Market and Headquarters — SE Asia (SG) + Caribbean Tropics (PR)

After Pedro Santa acquires the in-depth experiences working with diverse plans, strategies, and implementation projects in Singapore, the team will be launched formally to work across the global tropics, starting with two headquarters — one in Singapore, and the other in the Caribbean.

Urban Hydrologics aspires to work with professionals throughout the global tropics, sharing blue-green solutions, empowering communities, and leading to resilient outcomes for cities. We are excited about this future — to collaborate with multidisciplinary design teams, engineering companies, and environmental services firms that are locally owned and operated to advance innovations, grow our economies, and expedite climate adaptation across the tropical world.

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