Singapore’s Green Infrastructure

In a recent article featured in the news section of eco-business, Lin Zhaowei from the Straits Times highlights a study conducted by the consultancy firm — Solidiance — that looked at the economic, environmental and social factors that determine how eco-friendly Asian-Pacific cities have become.  Because of their economic growth and rapid population increase, many of these Asian-Pacific cities have turned to green infrastructure projects to ensure environmental sustainability and among them Singapore is ranked no. 1  in water management and green building policy. According to Lin Zhaowei: “Singapore is among the top four in a new study ranking Asia-Pacific cities in terms of their ‘greenness’. This is the first comprehensive study of this kind in the region.”

Other recent studies have also declared Singapore as a bastion of green achievements, like the recently commissioned study by Siemens that was reported in the article by Senthil Kumar in Top News Singapore last month: “Singapore is the greenest metropolis of Asia concluded by a study done recently. The study was commissioned by Siemens and performed by the independent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).  The objective of this study was to find out the Asian Green City Index and to produce a detailed study of the aims and achievements of the major 22 Asian cities.” According to Senthil Kumar: “They have analyzed them in terms of their environmental and climate protection as well.”  The study concluded that Singapore is essentially the most pollution-free city in Asia.”

Text Excerpt Credits: Lin Zhaowei | Straits Times | via:  & Senthil Kumar in Top News Singapore.

Image Credits:  Gyver Chang from

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