Water Sensitive Urban Design Conference

This upcoming February 21–23, 2012 the Seventh International Conference on Water Sensitive Urban Design will be held in Melbourne, Australia. Dealing with integrated urban water management concepts and water sensitive urban design measures, the conference will cover themes such as: Drainage and Flood Mitigation, Climate Responsive Design, Urban Water Economics, Social Capital, Urban Landscape Architecture, Urban Ecosystems, among others. The focal point of the conference: “Understanding the nexus between sustainable urban water management and the vitality, livability and prosperity of urban communities is one of the most significant challenges of the 21st Century.” Registration for WSUD 2012 is now open.

Water sensitive urban developments are designed to minimize anthropogenic disturbances to ecological and hydrological processes.  Because all these issues require interdisciplinary discussion and expertise, the conference will… “bring together over 350 delegates, including: water and environmental engineers, flood- and Eco-hydrologists, environmental scientists, climatologists, economists, social scientists, policy makers, regulators, strategic/council planners, catchment managers, designers, architects, land developers and product/infrastructure developers.”

The WSUD Conference serves as a milestone that propels forward the conceptualization and implementation of water sensitive urban-scapes —  a task that cannot be achieved through conventional water management solutions alone.  This conference is anchored on the belief that an integrated approach is necessary in order to innovate and meet these challenges. The ultimate outcome of the issues and solution sets to be discussed in the WSUD Conference are a step forward in the quest to integrate the diverse design cultures involved in high performance urban hydro-logics.

Text Excerpt Credits: WSUD Conference 2012

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