Conference in Australia – Invitation to Present Urban Hydrologics Climate-Tech

On November 4th, 2019, Urban Hydrologics was welcomed to a conference in Sydney, Australia to present software innovations. The paper and presentation showcased Urban Hydrologics climate-tech platform from their December 2014 white paper. Due to work commitments, Pedro Santa was not able to attend the conference in Dec 2019 to deliver the presentation. Urban Hydrologics is honored for the welcome invitation from conference organizers, and we look forward to presenting our climate-tech software in the future.

Note: The Urban Hydrologics climate-tech product is an extracurricular passion project/research project which began to take formal shape in December 2014 upon completing the White Paper: “Urban Hydrologic Digital Platform” on 2014-12-19. All software innovations created by Urban Hydrologics have been a work in progress project since the initial conceptualization of ideas at Harvard University in 2009. Further developments to the software platform have been limited to nights and weekends due to full-daytime employment in companies based in the Americas and Asia.

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