Blue-Green Lead for Punggol Digital District

Starting Q3 2017, Pedro Santa was appointed at Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl as the Project Manager for the blue-green infrastructure consultancy for Punggol Digital District. Working in partnership with diverse project consultants and WOHA Architects (the Qualified Professional, Architect, Masterplanner, and Lead Consultant of the Project), Pedro Santa fostered innovative strategies which incorporate building-integrated landscape systems, nature-based solutions, ABC Waters engineering procedures, and urban design principles, to form a 21st Century Industrial Estate, that cultivates education, technology, environment, and innovation. Project Credits: JTC | WOHA Architects | Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl | Diverse Consultants

Varying articles have been published throughout 2018, which explain the key aspects and features of the project. For example, the article published at, titled, “Punggol Digital District: Singapore’s first tech-driven enterprise district”, Jan 22, 2018, states: “The Punggol Digital District (PDD), a new 50-hectare development in Punggol North, is set to become Singapore’s first Enterprise District driven by technology and innovation.”

The Straits Times from Jan 22, 2018, states that: “Punggol Digital District is a pilot project for what is being called an enterprise district”. “The area will also be car-lite. That leaves the streets for pedestrians, cyclists, and users of personal mobility devices”.

For visuals and graphics of the project please see: Woha, RSD IMDA, JTC, SIT, URA, Straits Times Graphics

Another article from titled: “The Future is Yours to Create at Punggol Digital District” Jan 21 2018, states: “Punggol Digital District will not only be about technology and infrastructure but an inclusive and green district for the community. It will be seamlessly integrated with the surrounding residential areas and include green links to the waterfront. This includes a Campus Boulevard at the heart of the District that connects people to key developments, amenities, and green and blue spaces such as the waterfront and Coney Island.”

“Around 28,000 new jobs will be created due to the opening of the new District, and these new jobs will mostly be related to cyber-security, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the internet. The business park, built by industrial-estate developer JTC which will be situated beside SIT, will begin its construction works in 2019. JTC is the master developer for the business park.”

All images and text sources are publically available online, and credited below:

Images: The Straits Times
Artist’s impression of the Punggol Digital District from the air, from
Project Credits: JTC | WOHA Architects | Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl | Consultants

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