Emphasizing the Blue.

At Urban Hydrologics, we sustain that Watershed Based Planning is crucial to executing resilient cities in the 21st Century. For us, climate adaptation requires new tech innovations that visualize interactions between the urban and the hydro. Urban Hydrologics’ invention is to develop a network of data-collecting sensors that allow watershed communities to access blue-green data. We argue this data is essential because it enables decision-makers to prioritize nature-based solutions where needed the most. Our emerging start-up was launched to execute work within two primary arms – a consultancy services arm, and a technology arm that aims to develop software and a sensor network of patented products that collect water quality & quality data in real-time. Our current list of patents includes sensors designed for integration into bioretention basins, detention ponds, swales, waterways, and drains. Ultimately, our goal is to generate an Urban Hydrologic Sensor Network that gains data from a city’s blue-green infrastructure network

Stormwater Management is central to the design of cities in an age of climate change. We are committed to developing solutions that shape new technologies and providing consultancy services for urban hydrology and water cycle management. This is the Urban Hydrologics manifesto. We look forward to a bright future that emphasizes the blue.


This is an effort that will take decades to realize and we are open to collaboration with like-minded individuals who challenge conventions. The future experts who chair this organization will one day develop sensors, embed them into nature-based solutions, develop algorithms that interpret parameters collected and give shape to proprietary climate tech software that mirrors the natural world in a digital environment. As a whole, the Urban Hydrologics Digital Software will be a predictive tool to better prepare for hydrological stresses brought forth by climate change.

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