Consulting Services

Urban Hydrologics offers consulting services integrating stormwater management, ecology, planning, design, and technology. Our experiences and services include:

Strategic Consulting Services

  • Stormwater Management
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Nature-Based Solutions for neighborhoods, cities, and watersheds
  • Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategies
  • Emerging Tech Implementation Roadmaps for Cities and Nations


  • Blue Green Infrastructure Masterplans
  • Inland and Coastal Resiliency Planning & Design
  • Landscape and Urban Hydrology Masterplans
  • Blue-Green Infrastructure Networks (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Climate Adaptation Masterplans for Diverse Scales

Guidelines and Handbooks

  • Handbooks on Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Policy Frameworks for Cities and Nations
  • Blue-Green Infrastructure Design Guidelines
  • Capacity Building Handbooks for Communities
  • NbS & WSUD Cost Benefit Analysis Reports

Geo-data Analysis & Graphics Production

  • GIS Mapping of Hydrological Networks (Waterways, Rivers, Streams, Canals, Lakes, Ponds, Reservoirs)
  • GIS Mapping of Green Networks (Forests, Green Patches, Ecological Corridors, Parks, Habitat zones)
  • NbS and EbA – 2D and 3D Graphics Production Support
  • Site Analysis – Visualization of Risks, Vulnerabilities, & Opportunities

Our experience and track record delivering on the items listed above has benefited collaborators, governments, and communities, and we hope to contribute to shaping resilient futures with you!

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